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SPA Jacuzzi

Take time , to relax, regain your balance, enjoy your family and friends...
Alone or 2 with friends, you will find in your jacuzzi a state of weightlessness that will offer you a moment of pure pleasure to keep you in shape, relieve your stress and daily pain.

Remember that water is the essence of our body and that this is a universal symbol of fertility and purification. Give this to your bath which symbolic and find a new dimension of relaxation.

The benefits of the SPA

Backache : A Spa session can relieve back pain and redistribute the blood flow in painful joints, relax the muscle fibers for optimum relaxation of the entire back while accelerating the healing process.

Stress : Changing the nervous system when immersed in hot water produced effects comparable to those seen during relaxation sessions. It is accompanied by anxiety reduction . Immersion in a weightless Spa relieves everyday stress .

Insomnia : Immersion in hot water before going to bed eases the transition to a deeper and restful sleep. The Spa 's relaxing properties reduce the weight of the body, relieve pressure joints and muscles eaving the feeling of being mentally and emotionally relaxed ..

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Traditional or Wet Sauna

Traditional sauna, it exists in two forms. The well-known form is taken to a temperature of between 75 ° and 90 ° C with a relative humidity of 15 to 25%. our a ladle of water on burning stones and let yourself be overwhelmed by an intense feeling of heat from the steam thus generated. An unforgettable experience that one hastens to renew to each bath. The extreme version is characterized by a very high temperature (95 to 110°C) in a substantially dry atmosphere. This form of sauna provides a feeling of intense heat.

Wet sauna , a soft alternative to the traditional sauna with a temperature between 45 and 65°C and constant humidity of 40-65 % 40 to 65%. This allows more temperate bathing both children and older people to enjoy the benefits of the sauna ..

SPA Jacuzzi – Privatization of the wellness place 30 minuts : 20 € per person – extra alone person 10€

Sauna – Privatization of the wellness place 30 minuts : 20 € per person – extra alone person 10€

SPA Jacuzzi + Sauna – Privatization of the wellness place 60 minuts : 35 € per person – extra alone person 10€

* 5 persons maximum

Massages (Only on request)

  • Californian massage
    60 €
    Restful and relaxation , the Californian massage gives the full measure of what can bring the sense of touch …

    Time : 45 minuts

  • Hawaiian massage
    75 €
    The Hawaiian massage will release your tensions, will boost your vitality , your skin will feel exotic and it will bright your spirits… A change without a visa or passport…

    Time : 60 minuts

  • Hot Stone Massage
    75 €
    This massage also called “stone therapy ” is a pleasant and gentle way to flush toxins, stress and fatigue… even more pleasant in winter.

    Time : 60 minuts

  • Back massage
    45 €
    This enveloping and rejuvenating massage pleasantly untie your tensions in depth…

    Time : 30 minuts

  • Foot massage
    45 €
    Foot massage offer your legs a moment of pure rest and relaxation …

    Time : 30 minuts

  • Foot reflexology
    60 €
    This method will harmonize all vital functions of your body and its ability to gently promote healing…

    Time : 45 minuts