Wine bar – Restaurant – La Terrasse

A unique and enchanting place to relax while enjoying the moment.

Surrounded by the Mourèze circus, Pic du Vissou, Mount Liausson and the red lands of Salagou, The restaurant of the Val Mourèze inn welcomes you in a green setting.

Two, with family or friends, you can land on the terrace with its magnificent view of the circus
or enjoy the freshness of the air-conditioned room.

The welcome

As a boat following its path the restaurant team will welcome you with Julien always smiling and listening to you. To fulfill your desires and advise you with delicacy

The Chief

An unusual journey for Jean-Luc Launoy flavour creator.
Moving from gourmet restaurant to theatre café, from the wine cellar to the intimate restaurant.
He now finds himself in Mourèze in this corner of nature completely unreal and unexpected.
An exceptional place where his inspiration wanders and shines in his dishes.

The products

The menu comes mainly from carefully selected local products from the work of men and women who love their roots..
That's why our map will never be static.

Do not ask the poet to focus or comma where they must be found because only he can give the meaning of his text.

Jean-Luc, at the turn of a poultry from Occitanie, a Camargue bull or even a sea bass cheek gives you the LA… It's up to you to follow him on his creative journey where memories, Childhood, image and love make up his slate.


From region of course. Wines cared for by callused hands, grape varieties assembled by alchemists.

Our selection is made with great attention at the turn of a vine and the history of a winemaker.
That's why our map evolves.

We will go from a Pic Saint-loup to a Minervois, from a Saint-Chinian to a table wine but always chosen and selected with love and accuracy..

Opening hours

Le restaurant est ouvert à partir du samedi 30 March 2024

Opening hours

From 30 Mars au 30 April : Vendredi, Samedi, Dimanche, de 12h à 14h et de 17h à 21h et Le Lundi de 12h à 14h
Du 1er Mai au 31 Octobre : du Mardi au Samedi de 12h à 14h et du Lundi au Samedi de 17h à 21h30


Du Mercredi au Samedi
Et les Mardi 1er ,Dimanche 6,Lundi 7, Mardi 8, Dimanche 20

June, Juillet, Août, September

Monday to Saturday

Slate of the day, depending on the market

Menu 38€

2 Plats : Entrée / Main course, ou Plat / Dessert.

Menu 46€

3 Plats : Entrée / Main course / Dessert.

The restaurant menu

Les Entrées

Tartare de Saint Jacques et Saint pierre
Emulsion de betteraves et pistaches.
22.00 €
Revisite du farçou Aveyronaist
Compotée de fenouils croquante et beurre d’ail.
20.00 €
Tartine comme un mille feuilles
Caviar d’aubergines jambon cru ibérique et pesto de roquette
20.00 €

Les Plats

Souris d’agneau
Duo de pommes écrasée et ail noir confitt
28.00 €
Dos de cabillaud
Polenta craquante, oignons confits au miel et jus clair de citron
28.00 €
Filet de boeuf d’aubrac poêlé
Cromesquis à la vanille, petit choux braisé et crème de tapenade
32.00 €
Ravioli frais au légumes du soleil
Fromage italien, escalivade a l’huile de truffe
20.00 €

Les Desserts

Les Gaufres en barres
Mousse chocolat, coulis de caramel et gingembre confit.
14.00 €
Le Vacherin revisité
Compotée d’abricots et mousse de muscat.
14.00 €
La nage de Figues
Miel du Salagou et brebis façon faisselle.
Assortiment de glaces : 3 boules
Vanille, Chocolat, Caramel, Café, Tiramisu, Stracciatella, Rhum-raisins, Mangue, Citron, Fraise, Passion, Framboise.
14.00 €